3D Imaging in Spokane

3D Imaging

3-D Dental Imaging Improves the Quality of Your Care

One of the ways that 5th Avenue Dental in Spokane enhances the way we care for patients is through implementing advanced digital 3D scanning in our practice.

Digital 3D scans take an electronic “impression” of your teeth. We can use this virtual model to do everything from craft customized dental crowns to plan your orthodontic treatment. The accuracy eliminates human error for the best fitting restorations available.

No Gooey Impressions

Do traditional dental impressions cause a tickle in the back of your throat? Individuals with sensitive gag reflexes love our Spokane 3D tooth impressions because there’s no need for a gooey tray to bite down on. Scanning the surfaces of your teeth recreates a model with pinpoint accuracy, and you won’t have to worry about losing your lunch during the process.

Enhanced Restorations

In the past, traditional impressions meant that our Spokane office had to pour materials in a lab, create a model of your teeth, then ship that model off to a lab. If at any time the materials were exposed to cold, heat, moisture, or didn’t dry properly, it could cause them to chip or warp.

Why does this matter? Because it caused microscopic changes that altered the fit of your crown or other lab-made restorations. Now that we’re able to eliminate these risks, we can ensure a great fitting crown or bridge the first time, every time.

Better Communication with the Dental Lab

5th Avenue Dental is electronically connected with our own private dental lab. With a digital 3D impression of your teeth, we’re able to transfer the file directly to the lab technician making your new crown, bridge, denture, or braces. There’s no waiting on the mail to come or extra back-and-forth time spent working out problems with a model. It’s all securely transmitted online. Some newer types of restorations are even milled by computerized equipment that is able to read the digital file, completely eliminating the risk of human error during the fabrication process.

Efficient Treatments for Our Patients

Traditionally, the time spent sending conventional models back and forth between the dentist and a lab meant that patients had to wait longer for their final restorations. 5th Avenue Dental is able to provide more efficient care, because we’ve cut down on the time it takes to share your information with our dental lab. Faster doesn’t mean sloppier…it means we’re working more efficiently and in the best interest of our patients!

More efficient treatment also means we’re able to make your dental care more affordable. By eliminating the extra materials and logistical issues involved, we can make your oral health care more cost-savvy. If you don’t have dental insurance, we will work with you as much as possible.

Helping Our Patients Understand Their Dental Needs

Confused about part of your treatment plan? This is exactly where our 3D imaging comes into play! Our intraoral scanner makes it easy to share information with you, so that you can see what we do with your own set of eyes. After all, we understand that not everyone wants to take our word for it. We want our Spokane patients to have the same information that we do, so that you can make an educated decision about your dental care needs.

When Do We Use 3D Scanning?

5th Avenue Dental uses 3D scanning for multiple situations. Here are a few reasons why we may implement a virtual scan of your teeth into your next appointment at our office in Spokane:

Planning for ClearCorrect Braces — Orthodontic therapy takes a lot of planning, especially when it comes to computer guided clear braces like ClearCorrect. These aligners are made using a virtual impression of your teeth that we transmit directly to ClearCorrect labs. Their computer system takes your “model” and creates a series of customized aligners that reposition your teeth. If something needs to be tweaked or a tooth moved, ClearCorrect is able to do it virtually through their planning software, thanks to the digital image that we’ve captured in our office.

An Upcoming Dental Crown or Bridge When you need more than a filling, it’s vital for us to share an accurate impression of your teeth with our dental lab. The lab uses the information to create an accurately fitting crown, bridge, or other restoration that fits in line with your neighboring teeth. Even the slightest inaccuracies can create a chain of unwanted events. With digital scans, we’re able to eliminate human error and material issues.

Smile Makeovers — Part of a smile makeover is seeing how your teeth bite together in relation to one another. We need to know which tooth “hits” other teeth and where, so that your new investments (such as veneers) fit properly and can be maintained.

Teeth in a Day Treatments — Are you preparing for a Teeth in a Day procedure or considering getting implants to replace all of your teeth at once? This process involves placing approximately four implants and immediately loading a customized denture that latches on top of them. Thanks to intraoral scanning, we’re able to do this with extreme accuracy! The digital impression is taken in advance (even before any existing teeth are removed) so that we can carefully craft a new prosthesis that will fit as best as possible. Without it, your Teeth in a Day wouldn’t fit nearly as well.

Digital Dental Impressions for High Tech Care

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